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MacArthur was a "Servant of the Cross"

My wife Terri and I got to know our dear Dr. Jack Recieving a diplomafriend, Dr. Jack MacArthur, during the last eight or nine years of his life. It was a humbling privilege and a genuine blessing for which we will forever be grateful.

In his inimitable, humble manner, Dr. Jack never thought of himself a "bibliographer," which we always took as a description of his unique gift to be able to read and recall almost verbatim while portions of the wonderful works of other great men of God.

I don't know what terms others might use to describe him, but I can assure you that Dr. Jack MacArthurDr. Jack preaching at one of his crusades was most definitely a kind, humble servant of the cross whose likes we will not meet again in our lifetime. Sad to say, there just aren't many of such godly men around.

Dr. Jack was a walking history book. He was a link between gifted preachers of bygone decades whose names we had only seen in print. But Dr. Jack brought them alive for us because he literally rubbed elbows with so many of them.

Above all else, Terri and I are most grateful that we could call Dr. Jack our "friend," and what a friend and mentor he was to both of us. We praise God that He saw fit to grace our life with the presence of his.

No words will ever be able to accurately express what he meant to us and so many thousands more.

John Politan

Guest speaker on Voice of Calvary